Mega Update

May 31st is the last day to get an engraved badge and guarantee correct t-shirt size

This is the last day to get your membership and be guaranteed to get your name and city/state engraved on your brick badge.  Also, this is the last day to guarantee that we can get you a Brick Fiesta t-shirt in the size you want.


Please register before midnight on May 31st to guarantee these personalized goodies!



Badge and t-shirt information


If you’ve gotten a membership but haven’t seen an email from asking for additional information from you, then send an email to that address and we’ll get it sorted out.  Perhaps the email got lost in translation or got put in a spam folder (oh no!).  In any case, just email

Events, Games, and Social Stuff


There’s now a page on the Brick Fiesta website that has the events we can confirm at the moment.  More are coming.  We are still working on the actual daily schedule, but this should give you a good idea of what’s going to be at the con.


Some events have special rules, so check this page to know what you’ve got to have ahead of time!





I want to call out the contests that are on the events page.  Right now, we can announce 3 of them:


MOC Awards – Best MOC in a given category.  Winners will be voted on.


Scenery Vignette – John Gondol is hosting a scenery vignette contest.  Check out the events page on the website for additional information and rules.  If you want to enter this contest choose the “Vignette” theme when you register your MOC.


Bling Your Badge – Trick out your Brick Fiesta badge and show it off.  Mike Taylor will be hosting this thing!





We have several speakers lined up.  A few of them are currently on the events page.  If there’s a topic that interests you and you want to share it, then email to be a speaker!


MOC Registration is OPEN


Yes, MOC registration is now open.  Head to the Brick Fiesta website and click the “MOC Registration” link under the “2013 Brick Fiesta” menu item.


We encourage group displays, but you certainly don’t have to.  If you want a group layout for your general location (I know the Houston guys are already thinking of one) or your specific theme, then step up and coordinate it.  If you are the coordinator for a group layout, then get in touch with


There’s two really important things to think about when you register your MOC:


Theme –  Like past years we will have awards given to those MOCS that are the best in their category (voted on, of course); and the theme you choose for your MOC is the theme that it will be judged in!


Group Layout – Decide if you’d like your MOC as part of a group layout.  This will help the people who are coordinating a layout know what MOCs they need to be worried about for the display.





Check out the sponsors that are helping to support Brick Fiesta!  Please check them out, they’re helping to make the con a reality.





Similar to the sponsors, there’s a page on the brick fiesta website where you can view the current set of vendors for the convention, with links to their pages.



Please send any questions to
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