About Brick Fiesta

Brick Fiesta is the premier fan of LEGO family event held in the great state of Texas. Since 2003 the idea of having a LEGO convention and exhibition has been the dream and ambition of several TexLUG members. The first Brick Fiesta was held in Austin, Texas in July 2011. Following on the great success of the inaugural event, we held Brick Fiesta in Houston, Texas in July 2012 and in Dallas, Texas July 2013.

Brick Fiesta is proudly run by volunteers from Texas LEGO User Group (TexLUG) and it’s various chapters.

The public portion of Brick Fiesta consists of Saturday and Sunday public days where families can check out the staggering variety of creations on display, all made out of LEGO bricks!  There are also vendors selling custom parts and accessories, presentations and lectures, and much more.

Our Story

Kurt and Chris the night before the first Brick Fiesta 2011.

Kurt and Chris the night before the first Brick Fiesta 2011.

Brick Fiesta built itself from an experience by several TexLUG members when they attended BrickFest. Chris MacDougald and Tony Sava discussed the idea over the years as a "wouldn't it be great if...". Around 2006, the domain was purchased with the hope that when the timing was right it would just click. With the opening of LEGO Stores around Texas the time was almost in our grasps. Finally, with the opening of the LEGO Store in Austin, Texas. Kurt Baty approached Chris on the idea of talking to hotels in the area. During the store Grand Opening build event Kurt and Chris went and talked to the Omni Hotel in Austin, TX. Within a few days Brick Fiesta was pieced together and we now have the event annually for all LEGO fans in the world.