Convention Membership

There are two convention membership options for Brick Fiesta 2016 Houston. Please read the details below and pick the option that best fits you. Note: an All-Access membership must be purchased before adding any Companion Memberships.

Brick Fiesta is an AFOL convention.  Lego fans under the age of 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

All Access Membership ($55)  Price increases to $70 after June 30, 2016

  • Access to the convention July 7 – 10, 2016
  • Access to the speaker sessions
  • Access to the planned events
  • Access to the public exhibition
  • Space to display your own creations (MOCs) during public exhibition hours
  • Brick Badge (Memberships purchased after May 27, 2016 will not get a brick badge)
  • Brick Fiesta 2016 T-shirt
  • 5 free raffle tickets
  • 2 free raffle tickets for each MOC registered by May 27, 2016 (up to 5 MOCs)
  • Convention goodie bag (as supply lasts for memberships purchased after May 27)
  • 1 Free Public Exhibition Membership – invite a friend!

Companion Membership ($25 + must purchase at least one All Access Membership) Price increases to $30 after June 30, 2016

  • Access to the convention July 7 – 10, 2016
  • Access to the public exhibition
  • Access to the speaker sessions as space permits, All Access members will have priority
  • Paper Badge

The purpose of the companion membership is to allow significant others, parents, or guardians to attend with an All Access member.  The companion membership does not include all the perks and promotional material, it provides only access to the convention and public exhibition to accompany an All Access member.

Convention Add-Ons

  • Brick Fiesta 2016 T-shirt ($15) This is for anyone who wants extras of the official Brick Fiesta 2016 T-shirt for themselves, friends, or family members.
  • Friends of Brick Fiesta Donation ($10) All Friends of Brick Fiesta income will be earmarked as seed money for Brick Fiesta 2017.  As a thank-you, an exclusive “Friend of Brick Fiesta” tile will be added to your Brick Badge if purchased by May 27.
  • Additional raffle tickets (sold in bundles of 5 for $20)
  • Brick Fiesta 2016 MiniMOC ($25) Secret commemorative MOC unveiled at BF 2016
  • Brick Fiesta 2016 Minifig torso ($5)
  • Brick Fiesta Public Day Individual Membership ($8) 20% off of pay at the door price
  • Brick Fiesta Public Day Family* Membership ($20) 20% off of pay at the door price

* Family memberships allow 4 individuals (at least 1 must be an adult) to enter at one time, these membership passes are not separable

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