MOC Registration

Every Brick Fiesta All-Access member is encouraged to bring and display your favorite MOCs (My Own Creation)

Please help us plan our event space by registering your MOCs as soon as possible.

As an incentive to get those MOCs registered early, you will get 2 bonus raffle tickets per MOC registered by Friday, May 27, 2016 (up to 5 MOCs). 

MOC and MOC Registration FAQs

  • I am not finished building my MOC yet, should I register?
  • YES! Please register your MOC now if you plan to bring it to Brick Fiesta.  If it ends up changing significantly from your original entry, just send us an updated MOC Registration later by clicking on “Registration Update” on the form.
  • Should I bring MOCs I have already publicly displayed?
  • YES! Remember, your MOC is always new to somebody.  We want to wow people so much on Saturday that they tell all their friends to come on Sunday!  Also, we would like to see the variety of talents you have, especially when handing out the Poly-MOCer Award.
  • Should I bring tiny MOCS?
  • YES! The smallest builds often have the most interesting techniques!
  • I can’t remember what I have registered, can I find that out?
  • Please make a note of each MOC that you register and the date registered for your own information.  If you have misplaced your records, tell us you need your MOC registration info via the Contact Us link and we will get it to you as soon as possible.
  • I can’t tell what display category I want my MOC to be.
  • If your MOC seems to fit in more than one category please choose the one that you would like it to compete in.  If you aren’t certain where your MOC fits, send us a message via the Contact Us link.
  • I have special needs for my MOC display?
  • There is a field on the MOC registration form for additional display requirements.  Please let us know if you need to be located near an electrical outlet or any other special requests you have.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests, the sooner we know about your MOC, the better we will be able to plan for it.  Last minute requests will be much harder to accommodate – don’t procrastinate!
  • I have my own tables that I like to use to display my MOCs, can I bring them?
  • Yes, you can use your own tables.  There is a field on the MOC registration form to let us know the dimensions of your tables so we can plan our space incorporating your table(s).

MOC Registration