Why Brick Fiesta?

bf_logo_squareBrick Fiesta is the premier Fan of LEGO® event held in the great state of Texas.

Since our inaugural event in 2011, the focus of Brick Fiesta has always been to present an exhibition of amazing creations built by LEGO fans.  The purpose of the show is to inspire fans of all ages to build their own unique creations.  The show is about bringing out the creativity in everyone.  At the Brick Fiesta public exhibition you will also find vendors because people are excited about what they’ve seen on display and inspired to start creating on their own and are looking for “things” to get started with.  You will also find some interactive activities and play areas, but these areas are not the focus of the event, they are simply mixed in as part of the overall experience.

City square MOCTo help maintain our goal of inspiring, we try to keep the event affordable. We have always priced our event like a movie. A movie ticket gains you access to entertainment for about 2 hours typically. You can spend much more time at Brick Fiesta and explore it at your own pace.  Our location, in the Galleria Mall, was carefully chosen to provide our attendees ample free parking and many options for dining.

With the booming popularity of LEGO, many other events have started popping up, some which are much less about LEGO fan displays and more about having stuff for kids to do, like bounce houses, reading areas, video games, etc; a lot of things the kids could just do at home or at a birthday party and for a much higher admission fee.  While these events can be fun too, they should not be confused with Brick Fiesta.  They are truly different even though they may have similar names.  The last time Brick Fiesta was in Houston was July 2012 at the Westin Galleria.BF 2015 Space layout

In a nutshell, Brick Fiesta is a non-profit which is all about the LEGO fans and the community.  Some of the other events are just riding the popularity of LEGO bricks to make money.  If you want to see what kind of displays you will see at Brick Fiesta, don’t take our word for it, check out the more than 4,000 pictures tagged with BrickFiesta on Flickr and Instagram posted by past attendees and fans.  We hope you’ll add your own pictures to the ever-growing pool when you attend in July!BF 2013 Space shuttle piggyback