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Schedule of Events

The Brick Fiesta 2016 Co-Chairs would like to thank everyone who has been involved with helping us put together this fun-filled schedule.

We hope you will find a wide variety of activities that you want to participate in.

Brick Fiesta 2016 Schedule of Events

Brick Fiesta Event Descriptions

*Schedule subject to minor changes 

Brick Fiesta Exhibition Hall

Brick Fiesta 4th Floor Exhibition Hall


Brick Fiesta 3rd Floor Assembly & Activities

Brick Fiesta 3rd Floor Assembly & Activities

Volunteer Sign-Up

As always, we rely on our fabulous volunteers to help keep Brick Fiesta running smoothly. Please click the link below to sign up for volunteer shifts.

Brick Fiesta 2016 Volunteer Sign-Up

*This sign up for volunteers, not a participation sign up.

Parking & Unloading Information

Brick Fiesta 2016 Parking & Unloading Information

Activities that involve preparation before arriving at Brick Fiesta

  • Sumobots – look here for all the rules and regulations
  • Train Racing – Info here
  • Train Hill Climb – Info here
  • Dirty Brickster – Bring a wrapped LEGO gift (valued at $20) and have fun in this white-elephant style gift exchange.  NO JUNK, bring something you would want to receive!  There is a LEGO store in the Galleria Mall in case you decide at the last minute to participate.
  • Swap Meet / Minifig Exchange – Bring LEGO you want to trade.  New or used, sets, loose parts, minifigs… Know the value of what you have, you are responsible for your own fair trades
  • Tabletop Gaming – Heroica, Wiz Wars, LEGO Clue, etc.  Bring your favorite LEGO games & meet up with others to play.  We have left time & space in the schedule for spontaneous gaming.
  • Brick Films – If you want to participate in the stop motion animation presentation & workshop please install the free “Stop Motion Studio” app or “Stop Motion Studio Pro” on your smartphone or tablet
  • Introduction to LDraw – If you wish to “build along” with the live build demonstration, preload LDraw (available for free at LDraw) onto your laptop & bring it along.
  • Parts Drafts – We are running these a little differently this year.  Sets have been purchased, participants will be able to buy a slot to play.  The buy in will be for less money than the retail price of the set.  Participants may bring their own set & participate.  Complete rules here: Brick Fiesta Super Drafts.
  • Bling Yer Badge – We’ve designed a really cool Brick Badge for you again this year, but of course many people like to customize their own badges.  Go crazy, the only rules we have are:
    • Badges must be constructed on the provided 8×16 plate
    • Must still be able to be worn as a badge
    • Engraved tiles identifying you as a Brick Fiesta 2016 All Access member must be visible

Super Secret MOC instructions!!!