LEGO® Telephone Build

Scheduled Activity Details

On July 6, 2018 from 10:30 a.m. to noon in El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel - Bolivar A at Brick Fiesta 2018.


Participants sit back to back. One person has the instructions and tells the other person how to build the LEGO® Set.

Final build must match instructions.

Prizes will be given to the team that finishes first.


Proctor on site can adjust age of child builder as appropriate based on participation.

All games are scheduled to start on time.

Registered participants must be present at start of Activity. Names will be called from registration list.

Must be present to play at time name is called from registration list.

The proctor or person running the game has the final say.

Additional Information

The minimum people to participate in this event is 4 the maximum is 10.

Sign up for this event is required. If sign up is full you will be added to a waiting list. Sign up is enabled on the first day of the event at noon.


July 6, 2018 - Friday

Time Title Space
10:30 a.m. - noon LEGO® Telephone Build Bolivar A

Historical Information

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