Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do these acronyms that I keep seeing mean?

A: Great question, some of the more common acronyms include:

  • AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO
  • TFOL – Teen Fan of LEGO
  • MOC – My own creation, a custom LEGO build design generated by the builder.


Q: What is the difference between the full convention membership and public days membership?

A: The full convention is an opportunity for AFOLs & TFOLs to gather, share their creations, attend LEGO related talks, workshops, contests, games, and other activities.  It also provides a venue for AFOLs & TFOLs to display their creations to a large crowd of public fans.

Public Exhibition membership allows fans of all ages to view hundreds of amazing LEGO creations of all types and sizes in our 26,000 sq. ft. exhibition area.  Fans can meet and talk with the builders as well as purchase hard to find, discontinued, and custom LEGO sets, elements, minifigs, & apparel from our vendors.


Q: What might I expect as a convention member?

A: A unique AFOL and TFOL experience given in the big state of Texas. Building competitions, awards, giveaways, and general LEGO tomfoolery is just the beginning.


Convention Attendees


Q: Why haven’t I gotten my membership in the mail yet?

A: Memberships are not mailed out. You must pick them up at the registration desk at the beginning of the convention.


Q.  I heard you might need help with events and seminars.  How can I help?

A. We love your “Can Do” spirit!  We’ll have volunteer sign-up forms available shortly!


Q. I have an idea for an activity.  How can I share that with you?

A. Sharing ideas and techniques is a huge part of the member community an a major highlight of any convention.  We love that you want to share with the community.  Registered website users, please submit your ideas for review!



Q: What size are the vendor areas?

A: Vendor spaces are as close to 10’×10′ as we can get them.  Multiple adjacent spaces may be purchased if additional space is required.


Q: I’ve never been to one of these. What might I expect as a vendor?

A: You can expect to be extremely busy during public exhibition hours and enjoy some incredible LEGO moments during the rest of the convention experience.

Q: What capacity might I help in, assuming I’m not working on my vendor space?

A: During non public hours we will have events and speaker sessions. These events will need coordinators and facilitators.

Q: What type of booth / tables / surrounding banners… can I use? Are there example pictures I could see of similar booth’s?

A: We do know that you cannot put anything on the walls per hotel guidelines. The layout as it stands now for the booths is one table and two chairs in a 10×10 space. This is similar to other trade shows. There are photos in our flickr group that show the vendor area in more detail from previous shows.

Q: Can I have more than one vendor space, maybe two put together?

A: More space is available this year, but we recommend purchasing just what you need. You may purchase more than one vendor space if you need it, but it will be subject to review and approval by the Brick Fiesta staff.

Q: As a vendor, can I display MOCs?

A: Yes. Part of being a vendor is purchasing an All-Access Membership. This membership allows you to display MOCs just like any other convention attendee with the same membership.