What is Brick Fiesta?

Convention Members have the option of attending our large group assemblies, which include the Keynote Address and the Awards Ceremony

Welcome to Brick Fiesta 2017, a LEGO Fan Convention.  Each year Brick Fiesta is hosted in one of the four major cities in Texas – Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  This year’s convention is hosted in Dallas by the Dallas Ft.Worth LEGO User Group, DFWLUG.

Brick Fiesta consists of two components, the convention for members and the public exhibition.

The convention for Members – Thursday thru Sunday

  •    Display creations and compete for best of your category
  •    Attend numerous workshops, presentations and lectures
  •    Lots of LEGO to play with
  •    Join in group constructions and group challenges
  •    Compete in small, medium, and large speed builds
  •    Compete in creative builds, blind builds, and in-the-bag builds
  •    Participate in LEGO set drafts
  •    Seed build competitions
  •    Buy rare and custom sets, and parts from various vendors

The free build space is accessible to both convention members and exhibition members. Something new and creative is sure to develop over the course of the weekend!

We encourage All-Access Members to stay at our host hotel, The Hampton Inn & Suites, which has offered us a special Brick Fiesta room rate.  Book now!

The convention for Public Exhibition – Saturday and Sunday

  •    See hundreds of LEGO creations
  •    Millions of LEGO pieces
  •    Lots of LEGO to play with
  •    Meet and talk with the builders
  •    Buy rare and custom LEGO parts and sets from various vendors
  •    View speed build competitions
  •    Meet your local LEGO User Group
  •    Pull back car races


The theme this year is Automation, and it promises to be a great convention with over 34,000 square feet of display space. Pick up either a 4 day convention membrship or a public exhibition membership today!