Keynote Speaker

Brick Fiesta is pleased to welcome

Steve Barile

as our Keynote Speaker for 2017!

Steve’s interest in LEGO as an adult began in 1997 with his rediscovery of 9v trains, and he has been active in the LEGO community ever since.  His contagious enthusiasm for
LEGO trains led to co-founding the Pacific Northwest LEGO Train Club (PNLTC) later that year along with Ben Fleskes and Dan Parker.  PNLTC was one of the first LEGO train clubs in North America, and has since grown and evolved into two thriving LEGO communities: the Puget Sound LEGO Train Club (PSLTC) and the Greater Portland LEGO Train Club (GPLTC).

Steve’s interest in LEGO doesn’t stop at designing and building trains.  In 2001 Steve started BricWorx, selling custom designed trains and train instructions.  In 2007, Steve was invited to be a part of the design team of the LEGO Factory Hobby Train set #10183.  In 2012, Steve started a company focused on meeting some of the more creative design needs of fellow builders.  AltBricks’ goal is to offer new elements in shapes and colors that are compatible with LEGO elements while maintaining affordable prices.  His first offering is still one of the most popular – leaf elements in unusual and interesting seasonal colors.  He is also developing a line of decorative elements that complement the needs of train and architecture builders.

Steve has become a fixture in the LEGO convention community as well.  He coordinated Brick Fest PDX in Portland in 2004, 2007 and 2009, as well as often attending many other conventions over the years as both a vendor and exhibitor.

Please join us at Brick Fiesta to welcome Steve to Texas!