Keynote Speaker

Breaking news!!!!

Due to unexpected circumstances, BrickFiesta has a change to our keynote speaker

We are pleased to welcome

Steven Canvin

as our Keynote Speaker for 2017!

Steven has been a fan of LEGO, science fiction movies and technology since childhood.  This fascination transformed into an interest in advanced machines as an adult, and LEGO Mindstorms when it was introduced in 1998.  He worked at the LEGO Group through two terms: 1998-2004 and 2006-2013, starting out as Senior Designer for the LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics product line, working on development and marketing activities for the first generation of robotics products, later transferring to DUPLO.

During his second term he worked as Business Development Manager for the second generation, the NXT platform, moving into the position as Senior Marketing Manager, in charge of the retail MINDSTORMS business, ending as Community Manager, working with the global community of robotics fans and enthusiasts.  He has encountered LEGO fans, robotics fans and Mindstorms fans from around the world.

After leaving Denmark and LEGO in Spring 2013, Steven now works as a consultant in the realms of robotics and space from his home on Mudge Island, British Columbia, shared with his wife Jenn Canvin.

Please join us at Brick Fiesta to welcome Steven and Jenn to Texas and hear about his experiences and adventure from his time in The LEGO Group!