Convention Activities


Brick Fiesta 2015 Sumobot contest

Building techniques, MOC photography, stop motion animation, LEGO customization, gaming with LEGO, organization & storage, spinning tops, Sumo-bots, Great Ball Contraptions, speed building contests, creative building contests, set drafts, and so many more activities are the highpoint of the full Brick Fiesta convention.


Convention attendees pair up for the “Team Creative Build”


We have had some great speakers and workshops over the past 5 years and expect this year to be even better. We are looking for people who have a particular LEGO knowledge or skill who would be willing to share their expertise in a lecture, workshop, or round-table discussion.  We are also looking for people interested in leading a game, contest, or activity.


Please fill out the following ‘application to present’ as soon as possible so we can start planning our schedule of events.  If you aren’t interested in leading, but have an idea for something you would like to see offered at Brick Fiesta 2016, please fill out as much of the form as possible.