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All-Access Membership

Brick Fiesta 2018

Fan Convention

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All-Access Membership includes a Brick-Built Badge that has at least one engraved tile and a Convention Specific T-Shirt (T-Shirt and Engraved Name Tile - Deadlines have passed - 19 June 2018). Now, Brick Badge has Name Tile created with label maker with at least one engraved tile.

Every All-Access Member has the opportunity to display one or more MOCs (My Own Creation) at Brick Fiesta. MOCs must meet our family friendly guidelines of no inappropriate content. To help the organizers plan the room layout most efficiently we appreciate Members registering MOCs as early as possible. (Deadline to register MOC: 29 June 2018)

Please complete a separate form for each MOC (exception - if you are bringing a collection of similar models that collectively make up one display, e.g., a group of BIONICLES, MIXELS, etc.)

If your MOC requires electricity, the Hotel charges $35.00 for this service to be provided to each MOC Space.

  • My Own Creation (MOC)
  • All-Access Membership